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Blast to the Past: 30 Seconds To Mars Video Banned?

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In November of 2010, the band 30 Seconds To Mars released a video for their song “Hurricane”. It was almost immediately that MTV banned the video altogether and other networks had told the band that there would be serious time restrictions of when the video would be allowed to play. Why? Well if you’ve ever seen this video, you know that it is VERY explicit in sexual nature. In fact, this is the most sexually explicit music video I have ever seen.


With several scenes in the video including bondage, nudity, and violence, this video certainly took it a step further than any other music video has ever ventured. Jared Leto, the band’s lead singer, actually posted a word for word letter from one of the stations to the band describing the descriptions of scenes, followed by the strict restrictions. All of these restrictions, however, were based on one specific scene being omitted completely. Without the omission of this scene, the video was deemed inappropriate to play altogether. Leto says in his blog, “I am looking to find a creative solution that works for all”, but there seemed to only have been a slightly edited version, which was played on MTV2.


Although the video has been banned from TV outlets, you can find the video in its over twelve minute entirety on YouTube. WARNING: This video is sexually explicit and includes nudity, sexual situations, pornographic images, and violence. This is meant for mature audiences only.







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