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30 Mobile Apps Reinventing Music Education

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Mobile technologies are playing a big role in the classroom, in virtually all kinds of education. Music is no exception, as a wealth of new applications for tablets and smartphones have made it possible to learn, share, and have fun with music education just about anywhere.

Whether you’re a music teacher looking for new tools to share with students or a student looking for new ways to practice and learn, here are some of the apps that we think are helping to revolutionize music education, offering fun, information, and instruction anywhere, anytime.

These apps make learning to play an instrument loads of fun.

1.Sound Recall: Even young kids can enjoy this musical game, which asks young musicians to identify and repeat a series of pitches.

2. Piano Man: This application is similar to Rock Band or Guitar Hero in that it challenges users to play a selected song as notes come up on the screen. Users can even play against each other to really test their skills.

3. Simon Sings: This ear trainer game asks players to identify the musical notes being sung by Simon, repeating multiple notes back in the correct order just to make things a little more challenging.

4. Scale Tapper: Scale Tapper is a great way to introduce a variety of music topics to learners, including music theory and transposing keys, with some fun games to boot.

5. Rhythm in Reach: Need to work on your rhythm and note-reading skills? This app can help, with games that test both and can be played anywhere a smartphone can be used.

6. Rainbow Music Notes: Young music learners will love this application that makes learning notes fun through games, colors, and feedback.

7. Percussions: It may not be as educational as others on this list, but this fun application, packed with 18 types of percussive instruments, can help to make any music-making experience more fun.

8. What Note Is This?: Reading music can be a valuable skill for a young musician, and this app can help to build that ability, testing and motivating note-learning on a piano.

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