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4 Things Women Really Think

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The mind of a woman is a very complicated place. It’s full of tension and worry, self-doubt and self-worth, and a ton of double standards.

Listed below are 4 things that go through a woman’s mind on a regular basis.

love-wallpaper-32Sex – Believe it or not, fellas, your lady is thinking about sex almost as much as you are. Great news? Well, that depends. While most women want sex, it’s nothing short of a tightrope act to get us to give it up. Don’t do this, don’t say that. Crazy, right? Not really. Women are full of stress and tension from the day. Do something to ease that stress.  Cook dinner, get the kids to bed, or fold that basket of laundry for her. These things go a lot further than a smack on the booty or some detailed description of what you want to do to us. Remember: Ease the stress to get more sex!

A2G2186Jealousy – Women are very jealous creatures. We just can’t help it. And it’s not just in relationships. There’s enough jealousy to spread to our friends and family as well. But one thing that most of us want is to know that our man is jealous too. Just a little, though. Don’t go getting all controlling and possessive. That just adds to your lady’s stress levels, and well, you know where that leads.

thMoney – Women love it. Men love it. Let’s face it money DOES make the world go round. And while women struggle everyday to be independent and financially secure, it doesn’t mean that she won’t appreciate her man picking up the tab. Chivalry doesn’t have to die just because a woman has her own money. Pay the bill. It’s the manly thing to do!

Happy Group of FriendsFriends – Women only have one or two people in their lives that are considered true friends. This can include childhood friends, co-workers, and family members. Our friends may be older, younger, male or female. Anyone we feel we can truly trust. However, for most women it is a big no-no for their man to have female friends. Sorry, guys, this goes back to the whole jealousy thing and, well, we just can’t help it. Double standard? Yes. Think you can change it? Good luck.

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  • Krystol Diggs

    This is a great article. I must say, as a woman, we do think about sex often!

    • http://www.sidneyscripts.com/ Sidney Stephens

      Absolutely! But do you find yourself down playing your sexual thoughts and desires to avoid possible judgement or negative attention? Or are you comfortable enough with your partner, and most importantly with yourself, to openly share your sexual needs and wants with your partner?