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3 Similarities Between Tupac and Lil Wayne

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The internet has been buzzing since a delusional Lil Wayne announced that he was the new Tupac during his All-Star Weekend rant. Last week, Wyclef Jean and Florida Senator Marco Rubio let the world know that Tunechi was an ill emcee but he was not the new Tupac. This has to be the first time in a while that I have agreed with a Republican…. In my opinion, Weezy is not the new Tupac but they do share a few similarities.

1. Bad Influences? No Tupac didn’t have a Birdman, but he had a controlling big Brother by the name of Suge Marion Knight.

2. Got Tats? – Both Tupac and Lil Wayne have/had a serious fetish with tattoos. Lil Wayne even stated his addiction with taboos came from his love for Tupac.

3. Got Work? – With over six posthumous albums, Tupac was undeniably the hardest working emcee of his time. Pac has inspired the younger generation to pay their dues, and Weezy has carried the torch by releasing an insurmountable amount of material over the last ten years.

  • Drip

    Lil Wayne will never reach Tupac’s level.