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2012 BET Hip Hop Awards : The Return of That Monkey Shi*

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So by now, I’m sure you have heard about the fights between several Hip-Hop moguls and their flunkies at this past weekend’s taping of the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. I was surprised to see that such huge stars would waste their time and energy on some ignorant shi*.

In 2012, it’s sad to see some of Hip Hop’s most successful emccees/entrepreneus behaving like high school freshman. I mean, I could understand a young kid like Chief Keef getting into a scuffle but we are talking about multi-millionaire fathers who are all over the age of 35!

What happened? I’m not sure and I’m really not concerned, but I am more embarrassed than anything. The reports that have surfaced over the last day have talked about: Jeezy VS Ross, G Unit VS Maybach Music, and a Diddy VS 50 Cent conflict. The common denominator in the Jeezy VS Ross and G Unit VS Maybach Music disputes seems to be Rick Ross’ homeboy Gunplay. Haven’t heard one song from this guy, but he knows how to work the press. Props….

If the younger generation of emcees like Chief Keef and Souljah Boy can’t look up to these guys, who will they look up to? In the meantime, this will probably be one of the highest rated BET Awards shows in history due to its anticipation and Viacom will win “Big.” In the meantime, we continue to look like Monkeys fighting for roles in the next casting of “Planet of The Apes.”

In the words of Pimp C, “Them white people laughin at ’em, that’s was happenin
The same stupid ass ni** still ain’t figured it out
Long as they stay divided, man we gon’ run the South.”

P.S. – Robert Johnson sold us out when he sold BET to Viacom, but I’ll save that for another story….