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2011-The year Mobile Music became Social Music

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Last year we saw the merging of mobile and social music technology take center stage. As social music services like Spotify, Turntable.FM and Google Music were unleashed to the masses so were the mobile versions as well. A mobile music service can exist on its own but It is extremely difficult for a social music service to thrive without a mobile application.

Music has always been a social experience. If you look at concerts, parties and music festivals, they are all social gatherings based on a people enjoying the music that they love in a social setting. Also by nature the phone is a mobile device used for social purposes, so it is only logical that mobile music will become a more social experience in the near future.

When Steve Jobs first introduced us to the iPod in 2001 we were all amazed at the ability to store thousands of songs on such a portable device. Similar to the early days of the internet, the i-pod/i-tunes would be mobile music 1.0 were services like Spotify, Google Music and BBM music are mobile music 2.0.

As 2102 begins, we will continue to see the rise of the social/mobile applications as consumers continue to listen to even more music than ever through their cell phones. As the lines between social and mobile music becomes non-existent, mobile music 2.0 will be the dominant platform for years to come.