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15 Artists to Follow on Twitter in 2013

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If you don’t already have a twitter, you may soon be left behind.  With print media slowly dying, twitter is becoming an increasingly reliable source for news and information.  And musical artists are taking full advantage of what Twitter has to offer.  Who should you be following in the upcoming year?

1. Diplo


This “random a** white dude” (according to his bio) seems to be on a different continent every week!  He may not say a lot, but he’s definitely entertaining.

2. Linford Detweiler


As half of an Ohio-based folk band, he’s not the usual type of artist that this website promotes.  However, his tweets are poetic and well worth a follow.  My personal (and most recent favorite): “After the leaves fall in the maple grove, the birds’ nests appear silhouetted against the sky like notes of music no longer played.”

3. Diddy (or whatever he goes by now)


No matter what religion you believe in, Diddy’s inspirational twitter messages will leave you feeling good about life and yourself.

4. Carly Rose Sonenclar


There’s no denying that this little girl is going to be a huge star.  What better way to keep up with her rising stardom than to follow her everyday life style tweets?

5. Questlove


He’s not the most articulate of tweeters, but he’s amusing.  And addicted to twitter.  Your feed will never be boring.  He also gives his followers insight to where he’ll be performing next and who he’ll be performing with.

6. Q-Tip


Q-Tip is unique in that he often posts live video links from his practices.  He’s also notorious for responding to tweets that he receives.

7. MC Hammer


While he may no longer be at the forefront of the music industry, he does keep up with it.  It shows on his twitter.  If you want to keep up with all the latest music news, MC Hammer is your best bet.


8. Mike Skinner


He’s one of those that tweets about the trivial things, but in an amusing way.  This British rapper is also known for replying and his twitter conversations with Calvin Harris are thoroughly entertaining.

9. Kanye West


Kanye is an interesting twitter user.  I’m not sure he understands how to use the Caps Lock key or twitter just yet, but every tweet from Kanye is an entertaining gem hidden on your newsfeed.

10. Snoop Dogg


I feel like Snoop Dogg’s twitter allows us to peer into the mind of Snoop, and it’s an interesting place.  My personal favorite holiday tweet: “What u think I put in my Snoop Nog?”

11. Nicki Minaj


I thought her lyrics were strange at times, but her twitter posts are even more so.  When she’s not tweeting bizarre statements, she’s tweeting like a high schooler.  Maybe it’s her different personalities taking control.  I’m not sure.

12. Kendrick Lamar

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As a rising young artist, marketing is key.  Kendrick Lamar uses his twitter account to do this.  He frequently updates with album information, videos, and anything else to attract new fans.  You can always catch something new and interesting that he’s done on his newsfeed.

13. 50 Cent

In the midst of his self-promotional tweets, you’ll find 50 Cent’s own political commentary.  He has plenty of ideas for how to run the country, including telling “ya’ll to chill the f*** out”.

14. Joe Budden

Sometimes he has serious tweets.  Other times he tweets about sex.  Actually, he usually just tweets about sex.  But he’s never boring.

15. Chris Brown

Chris Brown knows how to get attention via twitter.  After having to delete his original account due to the controversy and drama that arose, he’s finally back on the twitter scene.  How long will it take before his twitter becomes the source for all the drama that it once was?