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14 Popular Movies Starring Rappers On Netflix

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There is plenty of melding when it comes to the thin line between musician and actor in the field of entertainment. Some musicians manage to make the transition successfully. The list I have compiled represents 14 popular movies starring rappers on Netflix. All of your main searches for “hip-hop,” “rappers,” “movies starring rappers,” “music,” and all manner of searching for individual artists names will lead you to these most common results.

Some of the titles I included are actually documentaries, but given that they are solely about the ever-changing world of rap/hip-hop I felt they needed to be included. I always enjoy when the film industry finds hidden talent where the rest of us would not think to look. I look forward to seeing more rappers in film if they have the talent for it. Until new titles surprise us on the big screen check out this list:



Rapper Snoop Dogg travels to Jamaica to reinvent his music and persona with a more reggae oriented feel.


Hustle & Flow

A Memphis pimp battles his own midlife crisis as he teams up with unlikely people to self-produce music.


16 Blocks (dvd only)p>

An elderly police officer gets more than he bargained for in the task of transporting a witness.


Four Brothers (dvd only)

Four adoptive brothers seek to avenge their mother’s murder.


8 mile (dvd only)

A young aspiring rapper doubts his abilities as he experiences hardship, betrayal and adversity



Four teens get swept up in the power struggle of the inner city.


The Italian Job

When one of their teams betrays them all and leaves them for dead, a group of professional thieves plans an elaborate heist against their old partner.


Smokin’ Aces (dvd only)

“Buddy Israel,” a magician turned snitch, decides to turn states evidence to save his own hide and several groups wish to silence him before he has the chance to talk.


Paid in Full

In the 1980s, a young man in Harlem fights to build a drug empire, only to have a crisis of conscience.


Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap

This documentary covers rap music, its origins, and rise to global notoriety.


Get Rich or Die Tryin’

A drug dealer turns his back on crime to pursue his dream of rapper stardom.



An 11-year-old-boy receives a crash course in manhood as he spends the day with his ex-con uncle.


21 Jump Street (dvd only)

A pair of immature underachieving cops are sent undercover as high schoolers to bring down a drug ring.


House of Bodies

A detective delves into a case that involves a young deaf boy and a website run from a home whose former occupant was a serial killer.

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