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11 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be Broke

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BrokeDownWhen you have money, it feels like you have everything in the palm of your hands: You need to put gas in your car, you can; you need to spend $150 at the grocery store, you got it; you want to buy your personalized pair of NikeID’s to match that tacky shirt you’re always wearing, go ahead, you got the monies. But for those of you who have no idea what it’s like having absolutely no money, here are 11 reasons why it sucks to be broke.


•You windowshop for food on your lunch break

moth-wallet_zpsafb89190•Moths are eating the inside of your wallet.

Bad Credit•Miss a payment? Your credit score drops.

operation-repo-mj-s-moves-o•You might end up on Operation Repo.



•The holes in your blanket can’t keep you warm at night.

Dunkin Donuts•You end up stealing napkins from a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Gas-Prices-300x300You can afford to put a gallon of gas in your car.

Man alone in the dark•Friends invite you to the movies? Yeah, no can do.

payattention•You can’t afford to pay attention or not pay attention. Either way you’re screwed.

Dirty Jeans•You’re wearing the same jeans from weeks on end.

lowselfconfidence•Your confidence plummets.

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