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10 YouTube Channels Every Music Lover Should Subscribe To

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YouTube, the video-sharing website that steadily became a culture phenomenon, is one of the greatest tools for discovering new music and artists.  Here are 10 YouTube channels that every music lover should subscribe to.

1. The Needle Drop


Anthony Fantano is the Internet’s self-proclaimed busiest music nerd.  His YouTube account is dedicated to music reviews and he doesn’t hold back.

2. Jay Z’s Life + Times


This YouTube account is Jay Z’s digital portal to exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into Jay Z’s life.  This is where Jay Z posted his Barclay’s documentary that quickly became a viral hit.

3. i am OTHER

i am OTHER was created by artist, Pharrell Williams as a way to celebrate the “others”.  The account celebrates innovators, thinkers, and any one who is willing to stand up and be different.

4. PitchforkTV

Pitchfork is all about the independent music.  If you’re a true music lover, you should already have Pitchfork bookmarked.

5. NPR Music

NPR Music offers everything from live concerts and field recordings, to artists practicing and documentaries.  Some artists even release their albums for free on NPR’s website.

6. KEXP Radio

KEXP radio in Seattle comes with the tagline “where the music matters”.  They offer a wide variety of music and often play undiscovered talent on their broadcast.  On their YouTube, you’ll find hours of live performances.

7. Hot 97 TV

Hot 97 has thousands of videos ranging from interviews with the hottest names in hip hop and R&B to live performances.

8. Sway’s Universe

An original member of MTV’s news team, Sway has now moved on to hosting his own interviews via his YouTube.  You’ll find tons of celebrity interviews that you won’t get anywhere else.

9. Tim Westwood TV

Tim Westwood is well-known in the UK as a radio and television presenter.  He’s inspired Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters and become a staple in the English hip-hop and grime culture.  His YouTube channel is a mix between old school footage and modern interviews.

10. Bread Over Bed

Bread Over Bed is the perfect way for a music lover to keep up to date on new information and releases within the hip-hop/rap world.  Between exclusive interviews and video releases, Bread Over Bed is an essential subscription.