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10 Must Know Facts About Destiny’s Child

Facts About Destiny’s Child – The R&B genre of the 90’s was all about the girl groups. Destiny’s Child is among the select few that have maintained their fame well into this decade. Their journey has not been without struggles but somehow they have managed to rise above. They performed together as a trio for several years. After much success, they took a hiatus to pursue solo projects and personal endeavors. The time apart made them realize they would love to work on music together once again, their reunion happens early in 2013.

1. Back In The Day

The original lineup was put together back in 1990.


2. Lone Star State

Beyoncé and the original members called Houston home.


3. The Old Testament

Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé father is responsible for naming the band Destiny’s Child, this term comes from a passage in the Book of Isaiah.


4. To Be Named Later


The original 4 members of Destiny’s Child went by the name, Girl’s Tyme when they started.


5. Sell, Sell, Sell

The girls have performed together off and on for the last 13 years. During this time they have sold more than 50 million records.


6. Now

The “surviving” members of Destiny’s Child are: Michelle, Beyoncé and Kelly


7. Asked To Leave

Before there was Kelly and Michelle there was Farrah, Letoya and LaTavia. These three girls were in the band at different stages but were fired due to in differences with Matthew Knowles who was the band’s manager.


8. Among The Stars

In 2006 the band was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


9. Before Idol

In 1992, the girls were still going by the name Girl’s Tyme. After practicing day in and day out they decided they were ready to show the world what kind of talent they possessed. They performed on the talent competition Star Search, but went on to lose in their category.


10. Where Do We Belong?

The girls started as a rap group but soon realized that the R&B genre better suited them.