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10 Things you Might not Know about American Idol’s Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson is well known for being on American Idol and assaulting your eardrums with the word “Dawg” about 200 times an episode. Just like another Idol personality Jimmy Iovine, there’s a few things about Randy you might not know….

1. Randy has been the only original Judge left on American Idol after the departures of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Up until next year that is, as it was just announce this week that Randy will no longer be a Judge on Idol and will be stepping down. He’ll still be tied to the show though as he’s taking on a ‘mentoring role’ for the upcoming season.

Update – Looks like the Dawg has changed his mind and is coming back to Idol this season.

2. American Idol isn’t the only show folks know Randy from as he also produces the popular television show America’s Best Dance Crew. ABDC has been around since 2008, and features the top dance groups in the nation.

3. Randy Jackson is best known to most of us for being a judge on American Idol, but he has been involved in music since the early 80s when he played in bands with Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia.

4. You may or may not remember the 80s flick Jumpin’ Jack Flash starring Whoopi Goldberg when she was still funny and very damned popular. Well, we bet you didn’t know that Keith Richards was asked to provide music for the soundtrack and he did just that alongside Aretha Franklin on the piano & vocals, and Randy Jackson on the bass guitar. Randy was even in the video for the song.

5. Staying with the 80s theme Randy was a session musician for Journey. Yup, that Journey you know the one with all the awesome 80s hits. Randy even played on Journey’s 1986 album Raised on the Radio.

6. By now I’m sure you’ve figure out that Randy is pretty talented with a guitar, but he’s also an executive. He’s manager of the Paper Tounges, and spent 8 years as VP of artists & repertoire at Columbia Records and 4 years doing A&R for MCA Records.  

7. Randy has done a lot of work as a ‘session musician’ sitting in and playing with some of the biggest artists on the planet including Stevie nicks, Richard Marx, Billy Joel, Herbie Hancock, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Michael Bolton, Blue Oyster Cult, Bon Jovi, and he’s even done the Opry with the Charlie Daniels Band!

8. If you’re not already impressed enough with Randy’s musical resume maybe the diversity will impress you. Randy worked with the Divinyls in 1991, played bass for Tracy Chapman record in 1992, and threw down some more bass guitar on Bruce Springsteens hit ‘Human Touch’ in 1992 as well.

9. We’ve already coverd a lot of the famous artists Randy has worked with, but we are far from done. Randy has worked with, produced, or played on tracks by Celine Dion, Fergie, Dionne Farris, Whitney Houston, N Sync, Madonna, and Stryper. Yes, we just brought up Stryper…

10. Did you know that Randy is big into the radio scene as well? He hosts a Top 40 countdown every week known as Randy Jackson’s Hit List where he counts down his top Urban and Mainstream hits.  He also gives a little behind the scenes info on AI on the internet radio show Artist Underground.