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5 Things Kat Stacks Should Do After Being Released

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Kat Stacks, one of the most talked about Hip-Hop groupies of all-time, has been released from a Louisiana immigration facility after two years of detainment. Since being released, the social media phenom has been tweeting relentlessly to her 240,000+ followers.

Her first tweet read: “Twitter looks so different since 2010!”

Congrats to Kat on her recent legal success, as we leave you with 10 things that things we think she should do after being released from detainment.

1. Upgrade her cellphone. Two years in tech time is almost twenty years in the real world! We suggest that Kat picks up an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3.

2. Contact Mona Scott-Young. Mona is the new empress of urban reality television and I think Kat would be an excellent addition to the Love and Hip Hop empire. Move over Jocelyn Hernandez….

3. Take some acting classes. Even though, there are no formal acting skills required to star in a reality television series, we would love to see Kat cameo in one of Tyler Perry shows. So a few acting classes would probably do her some justice.

4. Stay Away From Rappers. We know this is probably a long shot, but maybe Kat should stay away from dating immature rappers, and D. Boys. We see a actor or an NBA Player in her future.

5.Find a Professional Public Relations person. There is no doubt, that Kat knows how to court attention, but she definitely seek the help from a seasoned professional to clean up her image.