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10 Reasons We Need to Hear A New Album From Dr. Dre

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Dr. Dre is one of the biggest names in the rap industry.  And with so many accomplishments under his belt, there’s only one thing left before he can officially go down in history as one of the greatest music legends: one more album.

1. He’s a legend.  Let’s face it, Dr. Dre has accomplished more than most of us could ever even think about doing in our lifetime.  He started performing in 1984 and since then he’s founded 2 companies: Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.  He’s produced and helped kickstart Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, and the Game’s Careers.  He’s won 6 Grammys and been nominated for 20.  The only way to cement himself into history?  One more great album

2. He’s been promising. Dr. Dre has said since 2001 that Detox was going to be his final album.  I completely admire his planning and dedication when it comes to his retirement, but I have one question.  Where is Detox? There are rumored to be over a dozen songs completed, so why haven’t we seen it yet?

3. He’s one of hip-hop’s biggest earners. When you’re number 3 on Forbes’ list for richest figure in the hip-hop industry, you must be doing something right.  Even if your album isn’t even that good (and it should be, you’ve been working on it for 11 years), you’re still set financially.  To be honest, you’ll also probably still make a killing in album sales.

4.  It’s been 10+ years. One of the biggest problems with artists constantly making albums is that they all begin to sound the same.  With this nice break that Dr. Dre has taken, he has given himself the perfect set-up to create an entirely new sound.

5. His fan base has likely changed. With new generations coming and going since Dr. Dre’s last album, there’s no doubt that his fan base and target audience has changed giving him a larger audience to perform to.

6. He has been behind the scenes for too long.  Dr. Dre is an excellent producer.  His reputation as a perfection in the music creating process has encouraged and created some of the most successful artists of our time.  But it’s time for Dr. Dre to step out of the producer’s spotlight and show the world that he also has what it takes.

7. He knows what he wants.  Dr. Dre has often said that his greatest talent is knowing what he wants to hear.  Well, he’s had plenty of time to ruminate on what exactly it is that he wants to hear.  Everyone else wants to hear it too.

8. People are starting to move on. 10+ years is a long time to wait for an artist and plenty of artists have stepped up to replace the gap that Dr. Dre’s absence has left.  But if Dr. Dre waits too much longer, he may find his patient fan base moving on to other things.

9. He has the opportunity to change the face of rap.  If anyone can make a seismic impact on the music industry, it’s Dr. Dre.  Maybe it’s time for that change.  Maybe it’s time to see something a little bit different.

10. This is it.  With Dr. Dre already declaring this his last album, Detox is going to be his last big thing.  This is his last chance to prove what he’s capable of.  Now, we just have to sit and wait for Dr. Dre to release his final masterpiece to the world.

Mackenzie is an Alabama native attending NYU and studying Journalism and Dramatic Literature. She hopes to one day live in London and write for the BBC.
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