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10 Reasons That R&B Is Making a Comeback

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R&B once stood as a musical force of its own caliber before subtly being merged with the hip-hop genre leading to the quasi-disappearance of R&B in the past decade.  These 10 acts give us hope that the genre is slowly making its comeback.

1. Miguel 

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Miguel didn’t get off to a great start.  His debut album All I Want is You was a flop before becoming a sleeper hit.  After the burst of success that put Miguel’s name on the map, he released a new album Kaleidoscope Dream that was critically acclaimed.  With 5 Grammy nominations and rising success, Miguel is well on his way to putting the lost art of R&B back on the map.

2. Frank Ocean 

R&B comebackFrank Ocean is making progress in all areas.  He made progress for LGBT activists when he admitted to having fallen in love with a man. This was a huge step in an industry that is typically known for its homophobia.  Political activism aside, his debut album Channel Orange was widely acclaimed and he went on to be nominated for 6 Grammys and a Brit award.  His lyrics of love, longing, and misgivings will hopefully jumpstart the R&B revival.

3. Luke James

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Even with a Grammy nomination and a recently released EP, Luke James is still relatively unknown.  He has plans to release an album in 2013 that will no doubt bring about the success he deserves as well as boost the world of R&B.

4. Melanie Fiona

R&B comebackThe Canadian breakout R&B star, Melanie Fiona, already has 2 Grammys under her belt.  Though she hasn’t made any announcements for a new project, Melanie Fiona will definitely be key part of bringing back R&B with her success so far as an R&B artist.

5. The Robert Glasper Experiment

R&B comebackThe Robert Glasper Experiment may do more than help revive the R&B genre.  The Robert Glasper Experiment is an attempt to reconcile the world of jazz, hip-hop, and R&B.  Glasper has a deep understanding of what drives music and will no doubt be successful.

6. Elle Varner

After graduating from the acclaimed NYU Clive Davis Department of Record Music, Elle Varner released a highly successful mixtape followed by her debut album in August.  With a Grammy nomination, a song at the top of Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Chart, and a spot as a featured artist on BET’s Music Matters campaign, Varner will play an integral role in bringing back R&B.

7. Destiny’s Child

R&B may have even faded out with the disbanding of Destiny’s Child.  Their reunion at the Superbowl is bound to have an influence on the genre.

8. The Weeknd

This incredibly secretive and secluded R&B artist has risen to stardom.  He’s been dubbed the “songbird of his generation”.  He’s a voice that the R&B revival will need to succeed.

9. Marsha Ambrosius

After leaving the duo Floetry, Ambrosius set out to pursue a solo career.  She’s been featured alongside artists such as Nas and Busta Rhymes.  Her album Friends & Lovers, set to release in 2013, is poised to make an impact on the R&B genre.

10. Kevin McCall

McCall’s buzz really began with YouTube and the internet is truly a powerful place.  With an internet following and an album set to release this year, Kevin McCall’s music is guaranteed to bring back a love for R&B.