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10 Reasons Outkast Should Record One More Album

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There is very little argument, any hip-hop fan or even general urban music fan can make against Outkast being the best group in the history of Hip Hop.

As an artist, influenced by the duo, some   of my most cherished memories growing up, consisted of classic OutKast records blasting through the speakers.  Though both artists have succeeded immensely as a group, they have both garnered success in music/film individually. 

Its been almost a decade since we’ve heard a complete album from Big Boi and Andre 3000, and many fans are wondering, will the two ever re-unite on a full-length project again? Here are 10 reasons, Outkast should record at least one final album as a group, before we saying farewell.

1. First and foremost, its been roughly a decade, and in that time the fundamental originality in much of rap music has been compromised to fit cyclic standard.  Outkast never compromises creativity, they have no need to.

2. Outkast has received 6 Grammy Awards, and sold over 25 million albums over the course of their career.  There is no question to commercial success that another album would add to those statistics.

3. Today’s fans are of a different generation than 10 years ago.  I think they would appreciate the experimental and unique approach the group brings to every record.

4. Long time fans of Hip-Hop are swiftly losing faith in artists’ desire to continue giving us pure music, substituted with the lackluster that has plagued the commercialized industry rap has become.

5. To prove to long time fans, OutKast can adapt and evolve as a successful musical act amidst the highly suggestive and commercialized style of music rap has turned itself into.

6. I believe artists and fans today are lacking the thematic messages older artists once used in their music to inspire and enlighten listeners.  OutKast was always been good at doing just that.

7. There has been so much going on in society as of recent, more artists like Outkast use music as a platform to inform the uninformed of what’s truly happening in the world today.

8. Since music genre crossovers have become a more continuous trend in popular music today, OutKast would only add to a more refined experimentation of that trend.

9. The opportunity for newer and younger artists to collaborate with the celebrated, legendary duo

10. To set an example for aspiring talents who have relied on OutKast’s innovation in order to better mold their crafts and continue to break musical boundaries.

Matt G is independent recording artist and viral marketing expert from Austin, TX. His music can be heard at: mattgmuzik.com
  • http://twitter.com/Babadetiba Bab Adetiba

    Even Outkast radio singles are deep, i.e., Ms. Jackson, Roses, Two Dope Boyz, etc.

  • Matt G

    I completely forgot I wrote this piece lol. I’m kinda proud of it… Thanks for the chance to grace these page with my work again Kelland.

  • Kelland Drumgoole

    Thank You Bro!