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10 Must Know Facts On Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez celebrated her twenty-first birth this past Monday and released her very first solo album the very next day. While some of her other work has seen better days, Stars Dance did debut number one at the Billboard Top 200. But with her private life certainly becoming public, with her on again/off again relationship with Justin Bieber there may be some stuff you may not have known about her. Here are ten facts you may not have known about Selena Gomez.

• In 2002 through 2004, Gomez was a recurring character on Barney and Friends. Her name was Gianna.


Tejano Singer Selena on her fifth album

• She was named after singer Selena.


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• Is of Mexican descent with some Italian heritage.

• Made her feature film debut in Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids 3.


• She met Demi Lovato at an audition and remained friends ever since. They were cast mates in Barney and Friends.

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• Filmed pilots for Disney before landing the lead for Wizards of Waverly Place. The pilots were spin-offs from Lizzie McGuire and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.

• Appeared in the direct to DVD movie Another Cinderella Story with Drew Seeley, her love interest. Drew Seeley is ten years her junior.


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• The song she recorded for Another Cinderella Story, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, was her first song to appear on the Billboard Pop 100.


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• Dated Taylor Lautner for a few months before calling it quits.

• Was a spokesperson for State Farm raising awareness for safe driving.




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