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10 Must Know Facts About The 1975

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The 1975 has the number one album for the week (in UK)with their self-titled debut studio effort. Many fans have come forth to express their pleasure for the album; the same with critics. Their single, Chocolate, is, in my opinion, one of the best songs on radio waves today. However, some people know very little about this band from Manchester, so here are ten fact that you have to know about The 1975.


Lead singer Matthew Healy’s parents are English actors, Denise Welch and Tim Healy.

Healy, along with band members Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann and George Daniel, has been playing music since 2002. They met in Wilmslow High School.

They had gone around under multiple band names before choosing The 1975; they were Talkhouse, The Slowdown, Bigsleep, and Drive Like I Do.

Their name came from a poetry book which was labeled as “1 June, The 1975”

Before the release of their debut album, they released four extended plays, or EPs, to much success.

They received mainstream success with their single, Sex, back in November 2012.

Though song may sound like it’s about coco or Hershey bars, Chocolate is a song about marijuana usage.


Healy says he grew up listening to black American soul music like Michael Jackson, D’Angelo, TLC, Roberta Flack, and Otis Redding.

The thought process behind making their debut studio album was, “Let’s make Thriller.” Doesn’t every artist aspire to make Thriller?

Not every member is from Machester. Healy is from London and Daniel is from Belgium with some roots in Seattle.

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