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10 Must Know Facts About Skylar Grey

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Skylar Grey has written some pretty great songs over the past few years that we’ve come to know her. Her most popular song, Love The Way You Lie, appeared on Eminem’s last solo album, Recovery. Her voice can’t be matched by any other artist out there and her solo effort, Don’t Look Down, was an interesting album. She clearly has her own style; here are ten facts that you may not have known about Skylar Grey.

•Released her debut solo album back in 2006. Titled, Like Blood Like Honey, she was then known as Holly Brook, her real name.

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•She wrote three versions of the Eminem song, Love The Way You Lie.

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•Lent her voice to Brie Larson’s and Fort Minor’s debut albums in 2005.

•When she changed her name to Skylar Grey, she told Entertainment Weekly, “it represents the unknowns in life. People seem to be afraid of the unknowns, but I’m the complete opposite. I dive into the unknown because I feel like that’s where all your possibilities come from.”

•She co-wrote the song Coming Home by Diddy Dirty Money

•One of her favorite movies is Brazil by Terry Gilliam

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•At the age of fifteen, she started her own band.

•While C’mon Let Me Ride is a sarcastic song, Grey says she’s a very serious person and “there’s also parts of [the song] that show who I really am versus who a lot of other girls are.”

•Has stated in the July 12, 2013 article on JS Online, that three and a half years ago, she was broke.

•While she doesn’t rap, she received a nomination for Song of the Year and Best Rap Song at the Grammy’s for Love The Way You Lie.


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