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10 Must Know Facts About Rapper Rick Ross

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Miami Rapper Rick Ross has managed to rise up the past couple of years to take his place amongst the royal elite in the hip-hop world.

Through controversy over his past occupation as a corrections officer, and a heated public disputes with 50 Cent, he has battled scrutiny only to prevail victorious with his newly founded Maybach Music Group Venture with Warner Brothers.

Here are 10 interesting facts that may shed light as to what makes Ricky Ross, such a boss.

1. Rick Ross was born, William Leonard Roberts II, January 28, 1976 in Coahoma County Mississippi, and raised in Carol City, Florida.

2. Shortly after graduating from Carol City, Florida, he attended Albany State University on a football scholarship.

3. Ross’ stage moniker is named after notorious drug kingpin, FreeWay Ricky Ross, who made a name for himself traffic narcotics in the late 1980’s in L.A, California.

4. Rumor’s sprouted about in 2008, which were later confirmed by Ross, of his history working as a correctional officer in the early 1990’s at the South Florida Reception Center.

5. Ross started Maybach Music Group in 2009 as apart of a Warner Bros. joint venture, signing Wale, Meek Mill, French Montana, Omarion, as well as others.

6. In 2008, Ross began a feud with 50 Cent bbecause Fifty apparently looked at him the wrongly at the BET awards. Several diss records were released as a result, as well as a YouTube cartoon series called Officer Ricky and an interview of Tia, the mother of Ross’ child.

7. Rick Ross owns several homes in Florida, Atlanta, and Mississippi

8. In 2010 Ross signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Management

9. Houston’s steakhouse is one of Rozay’s favorite restaurants

10. Anytime Ross goes shopping, he buys for not only himself but also makes sure every member of his entourage present, gets whatever they want as well.

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