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10 Must Know Facts About Pusha T

Pusha T and No Malice perform. Photo by Ben Sisto

Photo by Ben Sisto

Pusha Ton, better known as Pusha T and one half of the rap group Clipse is releasing a solo later this year. My Name is My Name is set to come out in August and many people are excited. It’s his official studio solo debut, besides his EP release a couple of years ago. At 36, he signed with Kanye West’s GOOD Music two years ago and he’s well on way to a successful solo career. Here are ten facts that you need to know about Pusha T.






Photo by Tim Kaiser

• Though raised in Norfolk, Virginia, he was born in The Bronx, New York.

Photo by Erik Abderhalden

•Pusha T, along with his brother Malice, first got signed to Elektra Records in 1997 through Pharrel Williams.

•Clipse’s debut album, Exclusive Audio Footage, was shelved because the lead single The Funeral failed to catch on. They were released from their contract very soon afterwards.

•In 2004, Clipse launched their own record label, Re-Up Records

• He signed with GOOD Music in 2010.

• Said that after his debut solo album is released, he will be finishing up his second album.

•Lord Willing, while technically considered Clipse’s second album, is considered their debut effort.

•Hell Hath No Fury, Clipse’s third album, received many delays due to Jive decided to focus more on pop acts.

•In 2010, Rhapsody, the iTunes competitor, named Hell Hath No Fury one of the best coke-rap albums of all time.

•Young Boy, one of the tracks from Lord Willing, is used in the BF Goodrich commercial that featured snowboarder Shaun White.

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