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10 Must Know Facts About Lil Twist

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After being spotted by Lil Wayne in 2010, Lil Twist has been poised to be the next breakout star.  But what do you need to know about this young rapper before he makes his big debut?

1. He made a cameo in the film Lottery Ticket.

lottery ticket

2. He is close friends with Justin Bieber.

justin bieberLil Twist and Bieber’s friendship isn’t without controversy either.  Lil Twist was caught speeding in Bieber’s Ferrari and now, Bieber is facing criticism for being photographed smoking a blunt with the young rapper.

3. He started rapping at the age of 10.

At such a young age, he even began to garner a fan base in Dallas, especially for his song Texas Twist.

4. His given name is Christopher Moore.

5. His mother walked out when she heard his upcoming album Don’t Get it Twisted.

He says its most likely because of the use of profanity.  He stated, “ve been rapping for 11 or 12 years and my mom saw me going from not even using profanity to using profanity…When she first heard my album – the one you haven’t heard yet – she was definitely shocked. She walked out of the session.”

6. He got his stage name from the way he used to wear his hear when he was younger.

He wanted to have braids in his hair when he was younger, but his mother would twist his hair instead.  This inspired the nickname Lil Twist among his cousins.

7. His first encounter with his more intense fans was a little bizarre.

Lil Twist said that while on tour with Mindless Behavior, a few fans asked for his hotel room using his given name.  When he walked in later, he found them eating his leftover chicken wings.

8. He states that his favorite rapper is Andre 3000

Because of his ability to rap unique, off-the-wall lyrics.

9. Before his performances, he can’t be in a cold environment.

Which is completely understandable.  Another part of his pre-performance routine is to pray.

10. His freestyle rap skill is what landed him a record deal.

After meeting the young artist, Lil Wayne flew him out to Atlanta where he showcased his freestyle rap abilities.  Shortly after, Lil Twist was signed with Lil Wayne’s label Young Money.


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