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10 Music Stories You Must Read This Weekend

Thanks to our readers, this has been our most visited week yet! Here are a few music stories you should read this weekend. Enjoy!

Kanye West and DJ Khaled Release ‘Theraflu’ Song: Listen-King of drama and King of “We the Best” drop a single and the whole world is in a frenzy. On Therflu Ye raps about falling in love with Kim Kardashin and days later they are on a faux romance~Billboard

Michelle Obama’s Spotify Playlist (The Skinny Jeans Version)-This is a playlist that I imagined Michelle Obama was listening to as she was putting on those Skinny Jeans.~SoSoActive

Mary J. Blige Apologizes For ‘Unfinished’ Burger King Ad-An unfinished Buger King ad with the Queen of Hip Hop/Soul has been buzzing on the net and even on radio all week?~MTV

Interview with Ari Stein of WahWah.FM-WahWah recently launched in the U.S. at this years SXSW Music festival as set to disrupt the way we interact with music.~SoSoActive

Rules for Dating a Musician-A viral photo with the 15 commandments of dating a Rock Star!~SoSoActive

The Unstoppable Rise of Skrillex– A great story from NME with the details of the meteric rise of SkrilleX!~NME

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony to reunite for ‘Q Viva! Live’-I guess they are still cool?~LA Times Music Blog

EMI Says Grooveshark Didn’t Pay It’s Bill, Grooveshark Calls Label “Monopolistic”-A cute ct fight between Grooveshark and EMI lol~HypeBot

Cull.TV: Videos Are The Most Effective Form of Self-Promotion-Interview I had this past week with social video service Cull TV-SoSoActive

This Is How the Single Killed the Recording Industry…-Interesting article on on single and their effect on the biz-DigialMusicNews