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10 Music Stories You Must Read This Weekend

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This week in music got off to a fast start with the 54th Annual Grammy awards. The two biggest stories of the Grammy weekend were the death of Whitney Houston and Nicki Minaj’s Catholic inspired masquerade.

Nicki Minaj Grammy Dress 2012: Red Versace Cape & ‘Pope’ Date ~Nicki Minaj immediately turned heads at the Grammys on Sunday night when she stepped onto the red carpet looking like she’d come straight from… church?-Huffington Post

Clive Davis and Whitney Houston:The Greatest Love of All~Out of all artists that Clive has worked with his relationship with Whitney Houston was ‘The Greatest Love of All.”-SoSoActive

A Major Label Artist Makes 8 Cents On a 99-Cent iTunes Download~according to federal court documents filed Wednesday by attorneys for Chuck D. The detailed breakdown shows that for every 1,000 iTunes downloads sold, a UMG-signed artist gets paid $80.33.-Digital Media News

Bon Iver Upsets Nicki Minaj For Best New Artist Grammy~Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver both appeared on Kanye West’s rap hit “Monster,” but only one of them could walk away with the Grammy for Best New Artist on Sunday night.-MTV

Video: Lil Wayne Disses Jay-Z & Kanye West At Cash Money Party~“I met a red-bone, I took the girl home, I asked her what she want to watch, she said, ‘Surely not The Throne.’”-Complex

Shameful: Sony raised prices on Whitney Houston’s digital music 30 minutes after her death~self-explnatory-VentureBeat

AudioVroom: Music Discovery Simplified~AudioVroom is a personalized streaming radio service that recommends music for users based on Facebook likes, IOS Device listening history and other services like Pandora.-SoSoActive

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Share First Photos of Baby Blue Ivy!~It’s so adorable, we almost can’t handle it.E-Online

Rexly Wants You to Press Play and Hear Something New~Rexly is a highly personalized social music service that uses data from your personal listening habits and your “super trust” network to deliver fast and relevant digital recommendations.-SoSoActive

Erik Peterson of hifidelics: Keep going until you hit something worthwhile~“My philosophy is that you have to keep going until you hit something worthwhile.”-SoSoActive