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10 music related stories you must read this Weekend

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This past week was one of the strangest weeks in music in a while. Rihanna got Thug life tatooed on her knuckles, Nicki Minaj broke Vevo’s record for a video called Stupid Ho* and Hulk Hogan claims he almost joined Metallica. Really, Hulk?

Here is a list of the top ten most interesting music related stories this week.

1.Is Rihanna bored or trying to keep up with Chris Brown in the tattoo category?
Rihanna Gets ‘Thug Life’ Tattoo in Honor of 2Pac

2.Rhapsody recently purchased good ole ‘Napster’s’ streaming rights in the Uk.
Rhapsody Buys Napster as It Battles Spotify

3.Congrats to Neyo as he is hired as the Senior VP of A&R at Motown
Ne-Yo Joins Motown Roster, Also Appointed Senior VP of of A&R

4.This article talks about the Iheartradio’s unique features and why it’s a direct challenge to Pandora and Siri/XM.
Why iHeartRadio is the future of radio

5.Anonymous is back at it again as it threatens to attack Facebook. What’s up Zuck?
Anonymous Plans to Attack Facebook to Protest MegaUpload Takedown (Updated)

6.Great interview I did with Urban Score Productions. A must read for artists and producers
Behind the Beats with Urban Score Productions

7.An Odd Week= an Odd Future
Odd Future Announce Tour Dates

8.A few years ago Hulk said he passed on the George Foreman grill, now he says he passed on Metallica. Really Hulk? What would Andre the Giant say?
Hulk Hogan reveals he almost joined Metallica

9.Simon Cowell is back at it again. I wonder will this show be for pop Dj’s or really Dj’s? I forgot it’s 2012 and no one knows what a real Dj is anyway…
Simon Cowell to Launch DJ Talent Show

10.The Martian is back huh?
Lil Wayne To Release “I Am Not A Human Being 2″ In Summer 2012

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