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Rap Genius Founders
Musically, the 1980s is known for many different things: the emergence of Hip Hop music as the new voice of young generations, the transformation of 1970s Punk Rock into New Wave in the new decade, Hair bands, and even the introduction of new pieces of music listening technology with both the Sony Walkman and the Compact Disc.

A lot has changed since the 1980s with music, and some of the biggest changes have been with how aspiring professionals can break into the industry and make actual careers. In the 1980s, it was almost absolutely necessary to live in or move to the major entertainment hubs of New York, Los Angeles or Nashville if you wanted building a career in the industry. Want to be a journalist, booking agent or artist manager back then? It probably required tons of gas money, cold calling on a rotary phone and an ungodly amount of U.S. Postal Service stamps. Thankfully, technology and the destruction of barriers to entry have made many of things remnants of the past. Here are just a few music business careers that weren’t even thought of just 30 short years ago.

MUSIC BLOGGER – Creates online content and articles for blogs and websites specializing in an area of the music industry. Blogs are a new form of the gatekeepers for the industry. Being able to write and maintain fresh content for blogs is a skill lots more music-based companies are looking for.

SOCIAL MEDIA ARCHITECT – Constructs social media content (text and video) for companies from small businesses to large corporations. Should have experience using many different social media formats: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Kick, Vine, Klout, Stumbleupon, Yelp and more. Indie labels need these folks a lot.

INTERNET MARKETING SPECIALIST – Assists individuals and companies in their Internet and email-based marketing efforts. Should have lots of experience with platforms such as Constant Contact. Independent artists needing help with lists for email blasts can use the help of these professionals.

WEB CONTENT DEVELOPER – A strong background in English as well as Search Engine Optimization is needed to take on this job. Writing what is known as “optimized content” is also a big part of the job.

NEW MEDIA MANAGER – Responsible for the creation and implementation of all things pertaining to digital marketing: mobile advertising, online advertising, social media campaigns, you name it. And with music being more about marketing than ever, it’s a great time to build these skills for that dream label or music entity you want to work for.

MOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNER/EDITOR – Puts together online and video content that features all kinds of visual effects and is seen everywhere from popular web series to TV shows to major motion pictures. Extremely valuable to companies with big budgets video budgets for their artists.

ONLINE NEWS WRITER – Think of this job in the same vein as a regular print journalist, just for online news sites. The same rules apply: attention to detail, impeccable grammar, editorial skills, ethical practices and having great sources. With the constant growth of the music industry and just about anyone being able to call themselves a writer these days, great online writers are hard to come by. You could be that great writer for a music company.

E-COMMERCE MANAGER – Artists and labels at all levels have their own websites, selling their wares and merchandise every day. They need the help of someone who will offer great online customer service, manage the flow of online sales, and basically keep the central hub of online sales together.

INTERNET PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST – Press release and media alert writing and building relationships with editors of blogs are just two of the duties entailed in this job/career. So much music is released exclusively online, and getting attention for it is an art and a skill that this professional has to master to be successful.

MOBILE DEVELOPER – This professional builds mobile applications that people use everyday for work and for leisure. Music apps are all the rage now, and being able to produce these apps can be very beneficial to companies of all sizes and artists at all levels.