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10 Interesting Facts about The Game

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If you’re a fan of The Game get ready for a treat as we scoured the net to come up with 10 Interesting facts about The Game that you might not know…

While not that fun, it is a fact that “The Game” was born in Los Angeles in 1979 as Jayceon Terrell Taylor. “The Game” name came from his grandmother and he’s also been known as Hurricane Game and Chuck Taylor.

To say The Game had a troubled childhood would be an understatement. His parents were gang members and frequently used drugs, and he was placed in foster care at the young age of 7.

Even though The Game had a rough upbringing, he’s very intelligent, graduated and went on to Washington State University on a basketball scholarship. He’s said that he played on their basketball team, but was kicked off an expelled for possessing drug paraphernalia.

Rappers have been getting shot or shot at for as long as I can remember, and The Game is no different although his incident happened before he was famous. The game got into the drug trade and was shot late at night in an apartment five times. He obviously made it, but endured a 3 day coma.

The Game may have been shot, but he still has a sensitive side. He was on a dating show called “Change of Heart” in 2000. His partner on the show revealed that he was “sensitive and acted macho” and decided to have a real change of heart at the end of the show when she dumped him.

Once The Game got famous he still had a few beefs. He had a short minor beef with Eazy-E’s son Lil’ Eazy E and also had a beef with Suge Knight. Next up was an extended feud with G-Unit and Fifty with a diss thrown in at Jay-Z for good measure.

Even though The Game didn’t get to play ball in college he made up for it. At one point an time he owned a big share of the Inglewood Cobras a basketball team from the now defunct ABA League.

Staying with the whole basketball thing did you know The Game is good friends with NBA Baller Baron Davis? The two are so tight that Baron is Godfather to The Games son.

A lot of people have heard of The Game or listened to at least one of his songs, but did you know that his debut album “The Documentary” hit number one on the charts and was nominated for 2 grammys?

You thought we we’re done with the beef’s didn’t you? Last but certainly not least was The Game’s most recent dust up where he videotaped himself beating up 40 Glocc earlier this year. There’s a nice video online that shows the altercation and it even though it was one-sided hats off to The Game for holding on to his iPhone.