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10 Interesting Facts about Nas

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Nas has been in the Rap game for since the early 90s, and he’s had countless hits from his Illmatic days to this year’s Life is Good. He’s no stranger to the spotlight, but we’ve found a few facts about Nas that you might not know…

Nas’s real name is actually Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones. We know that Nas is short for Nasir, but Olu Dara was his father’s name, and the “Jones” comes from his mother’s last name as her name was Fannie Ann Jones.

Nas’s parents divorced when he was young, and he dropped out of school shortly thereafter in 9th grade. He learned about hip-hop from a neighbor and educated himself on African Culture through things like the Nuwaubians, The Bible, and the Five Percent Nation.

We all know that quite a few hip-hop artists are into the erb’, and some started a little sooner than others. Nas as only 11 years old when smoked his first B… pretty safe to say he started early.

Illmatic dropped way back in 1994 and any fan of Nas would instantly recognize the album cover instantly. Did you know that wasn’t the original cover though? The original cover was supposed to have Nas holding Jesus in a headlock. We’re kind of glad they changed their minds.

Nas was offered a role in the movie ‘save the last dance’ yet he refused it. Thank you Nas, and could you please call up 50 and tell him he doesn’t have to say “yes” to every movie thrown his way. With that in mind…

While Nas may have turned down “Save the Last Dance” he has acted in quite a few flicks. Belly is obviously most people’s favorite, but he also had parts in Ticker and Uptown Girls. It was only a cameo, but it was also a movie with Brittney Murphy and Dakota Fanning.

Nas has seen his fair share of controversy over the years, but he has only been arrested once. The rapper was busted for a DUI….. on marijuana. He was popped years ago by the cops in Georgia near his home and taken in for smoking weed at a friend’s house earlier and “being under the influence.”

Anyone remember the video for Hate Me Now with Diddy? Yeah, both versions were memorable and one caused quite the disturbance. One version of the video featured some crucifixions and Diddy requested they be removed. Well, that version made it to air and “allegedly” Diddy wasn’t happy and smashed a bottle over Steve Stout’s head resulting in a law suit that was settled out of court. Guess we could drop the word “allegedly”.

Staying on the whole “beef” angle I think it’s safe to say everyone knows about Nas & Jay-Z’s war of words. Jay-Z’s cut “The Takeover” started it all, but Nas answered back with “Ether” which definitely caught everyone’s attention. No blows were ever thrown (that we know of), but it’s a beef that had some legs for one reason in particular…

Carmen Bryan was Nas’s ex-fiancée and one of the reason’s the beef with Jay-Z got drawn out as Jay put it out there that he had slept with her in the past, and she admitted to it later on. Why’s that interesting? Well Carmen accused Jay-Z of putting “subliminal” messages in his lyrics about their relationship together which is bizarre and funny at the same time.