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10 Interesting Facts About The Best Man Holiday Movie


1.    It’s Been Almost a Decade and a Half

The first The Best Man was released nearly 15 years ago. Since its initial release in 1999, director Malcolm D. Lee, cousin of Spike Lee, the producer for The Best Man, has finally got the crew back together again.


2.    A Highly Anticipated Box-Office-Chart-Topper!

Since it’s 14-year hiatus for the sequel, The Best Man Holiday has excited and is anticipated by many fans since the release of the original movie.

The 1999 release of The Best Man was made on a low budget of $9 million dollars. When The Best Man hit the box office, its sales nearly quadrupled its budget making over $34 million dollars.

Hopefully the Best Man Holiday does even better.


3.    The Original Cast Remains

Get ready to see the entire original cast on screen as the characters you know and love. Even Malcolm D. Lee has decided to write and direct the movie himself just like the 1999 release—so you know it’s going to be good.

We have Taye Diggs as Harper Stewart, Sanaa Lathan as Robin, Nia Long as Jordan Armstrong, Morris Chestnut as Lance Sullivan, Monica Calhoun as Mia Morgan, Harrold Perrineau as Julian Murch, Melissa De Sousa as Shelby, Regina Hall as Candy, and Terrance Howard as Quentin Spivey.


4.    The Cast Looks Beyond Amazing!

When the cast took to the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere on November 5, 2013, the Internet frenzy chiming with the phrase “black don’t crack” was resounding! After such a long hiatus the cast still looks nearly the same as when they did in the 1999 release. Check out photos of sizzling Sanaa Lathan and steamy Nia Long!


5.    Awesome Christmas Music Soundtrack

In 1999, the soundtrack for The Best Man peaked at number two on the Top Hip-Hop/R&B Album charts and at 16 on the Billboard Top 200.

The all-new Best Man Holiday film soundtrack should do just as good as the first. With the vocals of R&B artists such as Ne-Yo, Monica, R. Kelley, Mario, Marsha Ambrosius, Fantasia, John Legend, and Mary J. Blige, the new holiday themed album is sure to please fans.


6.    Feel-Good for Families

Anybody who loves Christmas will love that this movie has a prominent Christmas theme. This would be a perfect movie to see after spending the Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.


 7.    Jordan Armstrong is Dating a White Guy

Harper’s past love interest Jordan is dating the hot, successful businessman Brian, played by Eddie Cibrian. He’s handsome, so go head girl!


8.    Who is Shelby Dating?

In The Best Man Holiday trailer, Murch’s ex-girlfriend Shelby, played by Melissa De Sousa, seems to be all over the place, romantically. She is consistently flirting with Murch, despite the fact that Murch’s new wife Candy is there, played by Regina Hall.

In the movie’s promotional flyer, Shelby and Terrance Howard’s character Quentin, look as if they are romantically involved still, as they play with a red scarf around each other. And if you remember from the first movie, Shelby and Quentin woke up half-naked in bed together, both screaming!


9.    Secrets, Secrets, Secrets…What Are They Hiding?

This story has so many surprises in store for the audience! Right off the jump, Sanaa Lathan’s character Robin is pregnant and even the sex of the baby is a surprise!

In another cut, Mia says to Morris Chestnut’s character Lance, “at some point we have to tell them,” The only response we get to see from Lance is, “in due time.”

Apparently whatever the secret is, Harper knows all about it when his wife Robin says, “wait, did you know about this?”

What is going on? Could Lance and Mia be getting a divorce?


10. Will Best Man Holiday Re-Ignite the Era of the Black Rom-Com-Drama?

There used to be so many great romance/comedy/drama movies featuring a strong black lead, such as Love and Basketball, Soul Food, Love Jones—there are so many.

Maybe this will inspire the likes of more African-American Rom-Com-Dramas to come in the future.


Be sure to see The Best Man Holiday on November 15, 2013!



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