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10 Interesting Facts About Little Kim

Hip-Hop legend Kimberly Denise Jones AKA Lil Kim is making a serious attempt at a comeback with the Return of the Queen Tour which began on May 17th in New Haven, CT.

The Queen B’s show at Paradise City in New York city was filled with guest appearances from fellow female mc’s Missy Elliot, Eve, and Pepa and Salt and Pepa.

The Queen seems to be travelling in style as she has a fully decked out tour bus which was supposedly given to her by Jay-Z. Since Nicki Minaj took the reign as the top female rapper in the game two years – there hasn’t been another female mc in the spotlight.

Will Lil Kim make a comeback? I guess only time will tell, but until then here a few interesting facts about the author of ‘La Bella Mafia’ to ponder on….

1. Puff Daddy AKA P-Diddy refused to sign Lil Kim in the mid 90’s because he didn’t believe a female rapper was capable of reaching platinum status.

2. Lil Kim attended school at the Brooklyn College Academy which was the same school fellow female rapper Foxy Brown attended years later.

3. In 1999 Lil Kim made her acting debut appearing in a teen flick called “She’s All That.”

4. In 2002 she won a Grammy for “Lady Marmalade” becoming the first female rapper to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

5. There was once an accredited course at Syracuse University called “Queen B 101: The Life and Times of Lil’ Kim.”

6. Since Lil Kim began her career, people have been debating whether she has a ghost writer or if she actually writes her own lyrics.

7. Lil Kim is the only female rapper to receive The Source Magazine’s 5 Mic Rating.

8. Lil Kim’s favorite restaurant is the Beverly Hills, CA celebrity hot spot Crustacean.

9. When the Queen B wants to indulge in a little bit of Alcohol she prefers Cristal Rose or Ace of Spades.

10. Lil Kim turned the role of ‘Evelyn’ in Spike Lee’s film “Hate Me” because she thought it would damage her image.