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10 Greatest Hits Rock Albums everyone should Own

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As much as I still enjoy buying individual albums Greatest Hits collections are an awesome way to get the hits from your favorite bands. We thought it would be fun to put together some Top 10’s by genre highlighting some of the best Greatest Hits albums you can pick up. We’re starting things off with rock so sit back, relax, and enjoy our list of the 10 Greatest Hits Rock Albums everyone should own…

1. Beatles 1

No big surprise here. The Beatles are beloved the world over and for good reason. The Beatles 1 album was put out in 2000 and was issued on the 30th anniversary of the bands breakup. If basically has every #1 hit from the Beatles from 1962-1970 and it’s a must-have album for anyone that’s a true fan of the Fab 4.

2. Rolling Stones 40 Licks

The Rolling Stones have been around longer than I’ve been alive and I’m in my mid-30’s. My parents listened to them and their parents told them not too which probably made the parentals love them all the more. 40 licks is THE Rolling Stones Album to get as you’ll get 40 of the bands biggest hits all in one package and while there are a few tracks missing that may irk hardcore stones fans you’re still getting 40 great cuts which ain’t too shabby…

3. Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle, Vol. 1

If you’re not a fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival you should be and if you are a fan chances are you already own Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Chronicle Vol. 1. This fantastic albums has 20 of the bands top hits and you’ll get to hear everything from Proud Mary and Lodi to Fortunate Son, and I Put a Spell on You. As bad as I hate to sound like my grandparents… they just don’t make music like that anymore.

4. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits

Tom Petty is an American Icon as far as I’m concerned and he and the Heartbreakers have been around since 1976. That’s plenty of time to crank out hits and the Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits album is THE album to get if you’re a Petty fan. You get 18 awesome tracks including a few of my personal favorites Breakdown & American Girl. They also do a mean cover of Thunderclap Newman’s Something in the Air.

5. U2 Best Of…

U2 is beloved the world over and they’ve had so many hits they actually have 2 greatest hits albums which we’re combining into one entry. First up you’ve got U2 Best of 1980-1990 gives you 14 tracks with cuts like With or Without You, Sunday Blood Sunday, and New Year’s Day. Next up you’ve get Best of 1990-2000 which brings you classics like Beautiful Day, Mysterious Ways, and One. The 80s-90s album is my personal favorite, but both albums are well worth the sticker price.

6. Jimi Hendrix – The Ultimate Experience

As far as this writer is concerned Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist to ever live…sorry Clapton. If you’re a fan like me then The Ultimate Experience is the right record to give you the Ultimate Hendrix Experience.  You get Watchtower, Voodoo Child, Hey Joe, and a few of his lesser known hits like Manic Depression, and Castles Made of Sand. Waterfalls is missing, but I’ve got that on another albums so I’ll let it slide. Overall it’s a great record and a must have for any Hendrix fan.

7. The Very Best of The Doors

The Doors weren’t around for as long as we would have liked, but that didn’t stop them from putting out a slew of top-notch songs. The Very Best of The Doors gives you more Jim Morrison than you can shake a stick at with hits like Riders on the Storm, Crystal Ship, The End, Touch Me, and L.A. Woman. I’ve owned this one since its release and still listen to it at least once a month.

8. Aerosmith Greatest Hits

Aerosmith probably has more compilation and greatest hits records than any other band so it was tough to narrow one down. After much debate we decided to go for the 2004 reissue of the 1980 Greatest Hits album which gives you the classic Aerosmith instead of the 90s version. Big Ones is the best compilation of the bands more recent stuff, but if you want classics like Dream On and Sweet Emotion Greatest Hits is the one to get.

9. The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks… she’s got a voice you can’t forget and Fleetwood Mac has a lot of great songs nobody will ever forget. The Mac has been around for decades and have several “greatest hits” collections although we thought The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac was bar none the best. If you want to hear some great classic rock and all the hits you remember from back in the day this is definitely the album for you.

10. Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 / Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

This was another tough one and I’ll tell you why… Take it Easy, Witchy Woman, Lyin’ Eyes, Desperado, Peaceful Easy Feeling. All great songs that are all included on the album along with 5 other hits. The only problem is Hotel California, Life in the Fastlane, and Seven Bridges Road are just a few of the hits not included on the original release, but included in Vol. 2 which was released after the band called it quits. Again we’re going to have to double dip and recommend you pick up both albums for the full Henley & Frey experience.

Note- As a music fan this list could have easily been 20-30 bands long, but after much debate I cut it back to 10. Not making the Top 10 but certainly deserving are great albums like The Cream of Clapton, GnR’s Greatest Hits, Buddy Holly Greatest Hits, and Elvis #1’s just to name a few.