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10 Fun Facts About Cee Lo Green

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Cee Lo Green has been around a lot longer than most people can remember, and some of his newer fans only know him from “Forget You” and The Voice. With that in mind we figured it was time for a list so here we go with 10 Interesting Facts about Cee Lo Green…

Long before Cee Lo went solo and started popping up on singing competitions he was part of the awesomeness known as The Goodie Mob. Goodie Mob’s first album Soul Food dropped in 95’, but a year before that they were featured on 2 tracks on Outkast’s debut album.

As with most artists, Cee Lo Green is not Cee Lo’s real name. He was actually born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway to parents that were ordained ministers in Atlanta. Like a lot of great singers he got his start singing music in the church.

Cee Lo lost both of his parents at a young age as his father died when he was 2, and his mother passed away 2 years after a car accident that left her paralyzed which was right around the time he was getting starting with Goodie Mob.

Cee Lo is one of the few artists we can think of who’s actually been with 2 different successful groups before going solo. You already know about the Goodie Mob, but Mr. Green was also a part of the highly successful duo known as Gnarls Barkley with DJ Danger Mouse.

No matter what Ceel Lo sings on he always brings his own unique style. You’ve heard his words on various songs, but I bet you may not have noticed him on the classic TLC cut “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” from way back in the day.

Celebrities often sing for other celebrities, but did you know Cee Lo sang at a Presidential fundraiser for Obama? Yup, the singer belted out “Fuck You” before switching to “Forget You” when he decided that the profane lyrics might not be the best thing to sing at a fundraiser. Yes… Obama was present.

You really don’t hear much about Cee Lo’s love life, but everyone knows he’s a bona fide Lady Killer. What you might not know is that Cee Lo was married and had a son (Kingston) with Christina Johnson who he was divorced from in 2005.

Everyone knows Cee Lo from The Voice, but he was on television long before that. He’s made appearances in a few movies like Mystery Men and you may have even noticed him on MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen when he helped throw a bash for his stepdaughter Sierra.

As cool as Cee Lo is he has endured a bit of controversy stemming from some sets he’s performed in the past. He showed up late to Coachella in 2011 and was booed by the fans before having his set cut and leaving the stage.

Cee Lo drew the ire of the gay community in 2011 when one of his performances caught a negative review, and he responded by making a remark about the critic being gay. As expected he caught a bit of backlash over his comment and subsequently deleted any tweets about the incident.