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10 Must Know Facts About R&B Singer Joe

Joe may not be one of the leading singers in the R&B game today but he definitely left an impact over the course of twenty years. His newest album, Double Back: The Evolution of R&B, hit stores yesterday and gotten some pretty great reviews, including one I’m currently writing. You may know him from Still Not A Player with Big Pun and if you don’t know, this would be a great introduction, especially to you young kids. Here are ten facts you may not have known about R&B singer Joe Thomas.

10. Joe is the son of two preachers and began singing in church.

9. He eventually went from singing and playing guitar in church to directing the choir.

8. Back in the 90s, he recorded a three-track demo with producer Vincent Herbert.

7.  From there, he released his debut album, Everything, in 1993.

6. On Joe’s second album in 1997, under a new label, he released Don’t Wanna Be A Player.  Two years later, he recorded the vocals for the remix, Still Not A Player, with Big Pun.

5. Joe’s first number one hit was with Mariah Carey for the Glitter soundtrack.  The track was Thank God I Found You.

4. Won the ASCAP Award for Most Performed Songs from Motion Pictures for the song I Wanna Know for the film The Wood.

3. He released his first independent album in 2008, Joe Thomas, New Man.

2. His second independent album, Signature, was named iTunes best R&B album of 2009.

1. Joe has released 10 albums over the course of his 20 year career, as well as two Christmas albums, and five movie soundtrack appearances