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10 Best Trap Rappers of All-Time

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With the recent release of Gucci Mane’s new mixtape, Trap God, I thought it was fitting for us to bless you with a list of the 10 Best Trap Rappers of All-Time.

10. Camron
Proof: Thinking bout Guy Fisher, never met him, but goddamn that’s my n****. I figure real estate, invested pie flipper, never snitch, me I’m in a bathrobe, fly slippers.

9. Future
Proof: I take over the streets, fresh off the banana boat. I come straight from the east, where niggas split your canteloupe. Just tell me where you wanna meet, I’m coming with a gang of dope

8. Shawty Lo
Proof: I’m at da base, and Gucci at da trp house, I’m in da kitchen and dat shit smellin real loud. And I aint use nothin but a lil soda, A lil water and it jumped back ova.

7. Yo Gotti
Proof: Standing in the kitchen. On that stove is part of whippin. Mixin soda with the yoda. Girl I can’t show you till I get some over

6. 2Chainz
Proof: Name a n**** that want some. I’ll out rap his ass, out trap his ass. Put his ass in a plastic bag with his trashy ass…

5. Pusha T
Proof: From ghetto to ghetto, to backyard to yard. I sell it whip on whip, it’s off the hard. I’m the…neighborhood pusha

4. Rick Ross
Proof: Who gives a f**** what a hater gotta say? I made a couple million dollars last year dealin weight

3. T.I.
Proof: The quarter go for 5 and the half go for 9. Still in the trap wit them break down dimes

2. Gucci Mane
Proof: Choppa on the floor, pistol on the coach. Hood rich so I never had a bank account. Junkies goin’ in, junkies goin’ out. Made a hundred thou’ in my trap house

1. Young Jeezy
Proof: I’m the realest nigga in here, you already know Got trapper of the year 4 times in a row

The Trap Life-Time Achievement award goes to two southern emcees, who made a living from chicken talk, before trappin was cool.

Birdman and Pimp C

Disclaimer: Although, the God MC , Jay-Z, is missing from our list his “scale” was placed in the hall of fame years ago. We salute you….

  • Trap On Deck

    I like the list, though I think Fat Joe should be on ther instead of Future. …He’s not really a trap rapper in my opinion. Love the The Trap Life-Time Achievement Award, thats genius

    • da Boss

      Fat joe aint trap, WTF?!?! You are one whack ass dude

  • Guest

    Future, 2 chainz over Cam’ron!? Pusha T after these guys!!?!??!

  • da Boss

    Rick Ross aint trap, Shawty-lo aint trap. And where DA FUCK is Migos. Migos be killin the trap scene right now

  • SunRaze1

    what about UGK I mean I might be 43, and a ol’head but WTF Pocket full of stones…CLASSIC…I like the originators call me lame or whatever…I caught my M.D.O.C number in 96.