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10 Best Kanye West Videos of All-Time

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Outside of Missy Elliot there are few Hip Hop artists that take their music videos as serious as Kanye West. On the College Dropout album, Kanye West used his own money to shoot the video for four singles, including the documentary styled “Through The Wire.”

He obssesively made three versions of his freshman classic ‘Jesus Walks’ and filmed the video for the Grammy winning ‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone’ in Prague, Czech Republic with legendary video producer Hype Williams.

Here are the 10 best Kanye West videos of all-time. These videos are based on creativity, views and my own personal preferences.

1. Runaway-A mini-movie that served as the promo video for the ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. With an introduction by Nicki Minaj and over 30 minutes of vintage Kanye who can deny its excess?

2. Power-This was one of those trippy-dark artistic videos directed by Marco Brambilla that was full of occult references.

3. Diamonds from Sierra Leone-A classic video from the Late Registration album shot in Prague, Czech and produced by legendary video director Hype Williams.

4. Jesus Walks-The multi-genre; gospel, dance, hip-hop song from the College Dropout album was so important to Kanye that he shot three versions. He got it right on the second version, but he still shot a third video. Typical Kanye right?

5. Flashing Lights-Another surreal video from Mr. West shot in Hollywood Hills that ends with Kanye killing his lover and putting her body in the trunk of a car.

6. Otis-The first video for the Watch the Throne album with Jay-Z. This video was pretty simple, but who can deny tearing a $400,000 Maybach to pieces?

7. Gold Digger-One of the most interesting Kanye West videos featuring Jamie Foxx, which came out around the same time the movie “Ray” was out.

8. Through the Wire-The first video from Kanye to ever air on national television which documents the “Louie Vutton Don’s” near death experience in Los Angeles as he raps through a wired jaw.

9. Stronger -Another futuristic video shot by Hype Williams during the time that Kanye was wearing Shutter Shades” in his 80’s/Back to the Future phase. He shot the video over 9 times before he got it right!

10. Heard Em Say-One of my personal favorites featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5. It’s half human and half cartoon..

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is a creative genius and he constantly pushes the envelope with his music while his videos are full of imagery and

Honorable Mention:
Workout Plan